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G500-4051 | G500/G100 Introduction to DS Agile Studio v1

In this video we’ll start off with an overview of the ds agile studio and then we'll look at Global System Preferences, the Offline Editor, Online Editor, the IEC61850 Loader, LogicLinx , Archive Management, Device Snapshot Management and lastly Typical MCP Configuration Steps using DSAS.

Companion PDF: Download (PDF; 3MB)
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:10 Overview
0:00:36 DSAS Overview
0:02:22 DSAS Screen and Structure
0:05:37 Global System Preferences
0:06:45 Offline Editor
0:08:05 Online Editor
0:09:40 IEC61850 Loader
0:11:00 LogicLinx
0:12:40 Archive Management
0:13:56 Device Shapshot Management
0:15:59 Typical MCP Configuration Steps Using DSAS
0:18:27 Thanks for Watching