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G500-4002 | G500/G100 ARRM v1

In this video we’ll be looking at the Automated Record Retrieval Manager or ARRM. We’ll start with the File Retrieval Trigger and then move to Configure Applications like Company and Station, Device and File Server 1 & 2, File Set, and Duplicate Selected Configuration. Next up is the Configure File Set Template – Standard, Sel ASCII and lastly Pre-defined File Set Templates. We’ll then move into Oscillography Files and IEEE Files, the ARRM Viewer, ARRM Application Pseudo Points, the ARRM Connection Status File and last but not least the ARRM Storage and Records Deletion so with no further ado let’s get started!

 Job aid: Download (PDF; 387KB)
Companion PDF: Download (PDF; 3MB)
0:00:10 Overview
0:01:03 ARRM Overview
0:03:56 File Retrieval Trigger
0:05:10 Config Apps, Comp & File Station
0:08:42 Config Apps, Device & File Server
0:12:44 Config Apps, Device & File Server (2)
0:16:02 Config Apps, File Set
0:19:56 Config Apps, Duplicate Selected Application
0:20:56 Configure File Set Template – Standard
0:27:10 Configure File Set Template – Sel ASCII
0:30:37 Configure File Set Template – Pre-Defined File Set Templates
0:31:55 UR N60 and SEL Device Creation Example
0:35:48 Oscillography Files and IEEE File
0:37:53 ARRM Viewer
0:39:41 ARRM Application Pseudo Points
0:43:01 ARRM Connection Status File
0:48:00 ARRM Storage and Records Deletion