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G500-4004 | G500/G100 Configure Network Communications v1

In this video we’ll be looking at the Configure Network Communications for the G500 and G100 devices. We’ll start with a network communication overview followed by the types of connections, adding a network connection, Modify or Delete a Network Connection, Connection Application Parameters, Connection Security via Modbus TCP/SSH Tunnel, Secure Connection Relay, VPN Server and last but not least the Syslog Client.

Companion PDF: Download (PDF; 3MB)
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:10 Overview
0:00:38 Network Communications Overview
0:01:18 Type of Network Connections
0:03:09 Add a Network Connection
0:04:12 Modify – Delete a Network Connection
0:05:58 Connection Application Parameters
0:07:39 Connection Security – Modbus TCP/SSH Tunnel
0:09:46 Secure Connection Relay
0:14:20 VPN Server
0:17:20 Syslog Client
0:20:38 Thank you