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G100-2011 | G100 Access v1

In this video we’ll be looking at G100 Access, specifically, G100 Interface Options, for Local KVM we’ll start with the Local HMI Task Functions, Screen Layout and Virtual Keyboard, MCP Local Configuration Utility or mcpcfg, MCP Settings GUI, and lastly for Local KVM the Local MCP Runtime HMI. For Ethernet we’ll look at the MCP Local Configuration Utility via SSH, the MCP Settings GUI via HTTPS, Remote MCP Runtime HMI via HTTPS and the MCP Runtime HMI via the Remote Desktop. Lastly we’ll cover the Serial Maintenance Port for the MCP Local Configuration Utility.

Download training material (PDF; 2.3mb)

0:00:00 Intro
0:00:10 Overview
0:00:56 Interface Options
0:02:32 Local KVM - Local HMI Taskbar Functions
0:03:45 Local KVM - Screen Layout and Virtual Keyboard
0:04:28 Local KVM – MCP Local Configuration Utility
0:05:17 Local KVM – MCP Settings GUI
0:06:09 Local KVM – Local MCP Runtime HMI
0:08:07 Ethernet – MCP Local Configuration Utility
0:08:45 Ethernet – MCP Settings GUI via HTTPS
0:09:31 Ethernet – Remote MCP Runtime HMI via HTTPS
0:10:57 Ethernet - MCP Runtime HMI via Remote Desktop (RD)
0:12:56 Maintenance Serial Port – MCP Local Configuration Utility (mcpcfg)
0:14:08 Thank you